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A variation of over 25 different Sculpture designs, 1,000 nail colors, and over 2,000 variations of nail art.

★Nail care products, nail art products etc, could be purchased here as well.

(M set)
Nails are shaped, cuticles conditioned and cleaned, after a relaxing hand massage, nails are beautifully topped with your choice from 1000 colors.
(nail care+hand massage+coloring)
(U set)
Along with the above M set treatment, nail surface buffing, additional massage from the elbow to the tip of your fingers and hot towel relaxation are provided.
(M set +buffing +feature-length massage)
(E set)
(recommended for beginners)
This luxurious course comes with the above U set treatment plus nail polishing and paraffin pack. Recommended for anyone who has problems with nails, and good for wedding finishes and first timers.
(U set+nail polishing+paraffin pack)
Nail care
Nails are shaped, cuticles conditioned, and cleaned, followed by a relaxing hand massage. Finger tips and nails look long and shaped after this treatment; therefore, it’s recommended for anyone who would not like to color their nails or before the sculpture treatment.
Nails are protected with a base coat, which brings out the best color of the manicure. Pick your perfect color from our selection of 1,000 colors and will beautifully finish it for a long-lasting nail.
Your hands will be buffed to smooth the surface of your nails leaving them refined and revitalized.
Aroma massage
(elbow down)
A relaxing aromatherapy massage is done from elbow down to your fingers using our luxurious original oil of your choice to give great rejuvenating experience and healing power.
Paraffin Pack
A marvelous moisturizing effect of a heat therapy with a wax pack to eliminate impurities, combined with a hot glove to detoxify. It has an aromatic therapy effect, also comes with a hand massage.
Spa Treatment
Removes unnecessary keratin and conditions with moisturizing pack to reduce signs of aging.
per nail
A cracked or broken nail is repaired to perfection.
(per nail)
Provides you with designed nails of multiple colors, rhinestones, 3D, flat art, glitters, etc.
Airbrush full
5 nails ¥1,000(from 1st color)
5 nails ¥500(from 2nd color)
Pre-design +¥500 up~
Enjoy the unique designs of gradation colors etc. with an airbrush technique, leaving you with fabulous nails.


Custom-made Nail Tips (Original)
¥5,000~ comes in a cute heart shaped case.
How about creating an extravagant, fun and attractive look for an extra-ordinary event?
There’s never been a better time to renew and revamp your image at a wedding or party.
At muemue, we make an original order tip for anyone who cannot have long nails or any artwork directly on their nails.
We create tips according to your choice of length, looking very natural.
Pick your favorite from a selection of over 1,000 colors and over 2000 art designs. This is one of our original features where other salons don’t have.
It would take a week to customize, please place an order prior to your schedule.
Your hands will even look sparkly if you get your nail care treatment at the same time.

Gel Nail (Bio/Calgel etc.)

Clear ¥5,000 (for 10 nails) (45min)
Glitter gradation ¥7,000 (for 10 nails) (60min)
Color gradation ¥8,000 (for 10 nails) (60min)
¥1,000 (for 10 nails) to the above prices
Very light weight, natural feeling and has an enhancement effect to the nail that it’s suitable for those who cannot have long nails but wishes for natural looking length. Like Bio-sculpture, colors are longer lasting for 3 ~ 4weeks.

Repairs (gel recovery) plus ¥210 per nail
We recommend you to repair your gel nails frequently to make them last longer and look alluring, instead of re-doing your gels every time. This frequent care will protect your nails from damaging.
Care (cuticle care) ¥2,000
Gel removal (replacement) ¥2,000
Gel removal only (with polishing) ¥3,000


¥10,000 (full set) pink/clear/glitter/45 colors(90min)
¥16,000~ (full set) French(120min)

Instead of putting an easy artificial nail, we sculpt the length and shape at your choice basing on your actual nail size. We can also correct any badly shaped nails. We have pink, clear, lame glitter, etc. of over 25 colors to pick from.
Pedicure ¥5,000(60min)
After the soak, we groom your nails and cuticles, and a perfect color of your choice is applied.
Foot Care ¥5,000 (45min)
Starts with a soak, followed by a removal of rough, callused skin, and a gentle-but invigorating foot and lower leg scrub massage along with oil massage incorporating pressure point techniques. Finishing up with a relaxing hot towel wrap to create smooth and refreshed beautiful legs.
Petit Set ¥7,000 (75min)
Foot soak, buffing, and callus removal, and a short massage from the ankles to your over-worked feet, and a polish of your choice to complete your perfect treatment.
Pedicure Set ¥9,000(90 min)
Foot care+pedicure
Relaxation Set ¥12,000(120min)
Pedicare set+nail polishing+paraffin pack
Treatment in a luxurious private room and strong jet bath sofa-chair relieves your body. Along with the above treatments, we take extra time to rejuvenate your feet with reflexology massage and paraffin pack. Enjoy this ultimate treatment of reviving vitality making you feel reborn.
German Style foot care ¥4,000 per nail (30min) 
Recommended for those who have pain from pincer nails and/or ingrown nails. A plate strengthened by fiberglass is installed in the nail, which is lifted by tension to subdue pain, and corrects at the same time.
Color and nail art can be applied.
Biting nails/Deep set nails (full set ¥13,000)(90min)
Recommended for those who have short nails due to nail biting habits and/or have trouble growing the nails long.
German Style pincer nail foot care・B/S Quick
(It is for details here.)
We apply the fiberglass made brace to both ends of the nail, and lift by tension to soften the condition.
It’s done in a short time without any pain.
Coloring is also possible. After the application you’ll be relieved from the pain.
Pincer nail brace ¥4,000 per nail. (30min)

Mobile Nail Service

We provide nail care for clients in their homes, private parties, offices, and at corporate events of cars and electric companies and so forth, where we have done demonstration and training lessons. For more details feel free to contact us anytime.
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