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The key to beauty begins from the nails…
Beautifully maintained nails show the inner intellectuality of an individual.
We provide you everything you need to look your very own best.

Allow yourself to be taken care of in a soothing environment that will reduce your stress and please all your senses.
Unwind your mind and become beautiful inside and out.

From the Owner

Although nail artists have increased in number with the increase of the nail salons recently; unfortunately, I’ve often been surprised to find so few “trained” professional manicurists. I hear stories about carrying out wrong care treatments at some salons.
ur customers come to our salon not only from Tokyo but from a distant location in quest for our service in professionalism and integrity. After customers experiencing different salons, we are pleased to hear about our admired skills and dedication. We strive for excellence by maintaining the leading edge technique in order to provide even higher beauty services to satisfy our customers. We travel to America several times a year to equip ourselves with the latest technology.

From the stressful society ...

We have confronted a customer with a nail biting habit whose nails were almost melted away and crumbled. The customer was told that sculpture treatment was impossible and was denied for care at every nail salon.
Worrying, the customer came to our salon. While counseling and working to restore and grow back the natural nails, the stress of the customer was greatly reduced. At first, the customer was not able to keep still but by coming to our salon frequently and seeing the nails become beautiful each time the customer felt more relaxed and came to enjoy the nail care.
We have experienced our customers’ smiles coming back to their faces and felt worth meeting their needs in various troubled times. We pride ourselves on our exceptional friendly service.
Our imported American Jet Bath with a reclining chair gives you an ultimate relaxation!It will release the tension of your feet with the strong jet bath and aroma oil.
In a private room, while watching your favorite movie, both your hands and feet are nourished at the same time, feeling like a princess!
We have 80 movies to entertain you.

We apply the fiberglass made brace to both ends of the nail, and lift by tension to soften the condition. It’s done in a short time without any pain.
Coloring is also possible. After the application you’ll be relieved from the pain.

■Pincer nail brace ¥4,000 per nail. (30min)
04. 09. 2002
Before reform
05. 19. 2002
About one month after
07. 11. 2002
About three months after
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